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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Farmers Ecology

The "Farmers Ecology" program works on the collection, transmission and promotion of local knowledge related to agro-ecosystem management. "Ecologie Paysanne Europe - EPE” aims to strengthen and widen a network of exchange, bringing together interested stakeholders. The objective is to disseminate this kind of knowledge from the local to the European level and to illustrate the overall importance of knowledge for sustainable development locally and globally. (http://ecologie-paysanne.org).

State of the art: Ongoing. A first phase took place in 2010-2012, with a final workshop in this programming period organised in Mas de Noguera, Caudiel (Spain) on October 2012. 

Partners: Fondation Civitas (Romania), Geyser (France), Mas de Noguera (Spain)

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