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A collection of knowledge on natural grassland seed harvesting in the Massif Central, France

Rural topic(s): Local ecological knowledge, Agroecology and agroforestry

Type: Innovative experience

Date of writing: January 15, 2021

Organization(s): GEYSER (Groupe d’études et de services pour l’économie des ressources)


Located in a mid-mountain area (800-1300m), the territory of Saint-Flour Communauté is strongly marked by the presence of permanent grasslands which occupy more than 70% of the cultivated area: they are therefore an essential element of the landscape.

However, climate change and the artificialization of natural environments by certain agricultural practices are now calling into question the resilience and sustainability of grass-based livestock systems.

The aim of the project is to restore natural grasslands with indigenous flora so that this natural floral heritage is maintained and gains new areas.

To this end, a group of farmers and a group of partners are experimenting with the collection of natural grassland seed and its use as a substitute for commercial seed.


See the whole experience in the French version anglaise Un recueil de savoirs sur la récolte de semences de prairies naturelles dans le Massif Central, France


Source and contact

Information gathered at:





Contact: Jean-Luc Campagne (GEYSER)

Website: saint-flour-communaute.fr/video-programme-agricole-des-semences-locales-pour-retrouver-les-prairies-naturelles/


Scale of intervention : Local

Keywords: mountain, improvement of biodiversity, Farmers Ecological Knowledge, safeguard of knowledge

Places: France

Actors: farmer, teacher, municipality

Methods: knowledge collection