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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

► Farmers Ecology programme: Review 2005 and outlook

Rural topic(s): Local ecological knowledge

Type: report/synthesis

Date of publication: January 1, 2005

Organization(s): GEYSER (Groupe d’études et de services pour l’économie des ressources)


This “Farmers Ecology programme” document gives you some insights on “why” local ecological knowledge is important and can play a role in the sustainability, resilience and regeneration of local communities and their agro-ecosystems .

It also presents a short overview of initiatives led in the early 2000 in different regions of Europe (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Austria) around rural knowledge that illustrate how they are contributing to : the adaptation to soil and climate constraints, the preservation of biodiversity, the prevention of natural risks or the economization of natural resources (through their collective management).



Keywords: traditional knowledge, Farmers Ecological Knowledge, safeguard of knowledge, agroforestry, biodiversity conservation, climate change, conservation and management of natural resources, local breed, rural heritage, landscape preservation, resilience, water management, mountain, pastoralism, local variety, orchard, gardening

Places: France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria,

Actors: farmer, inhabitants, rural population, hunters, breeder, farmer-harvester, practionners / managers

Methods: knowledge collection