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[EXP] Giving added value to local knowledge on wild fruit helps maintaining biodiversity and farmers incomes in Romania

Rural topic(s): Conservation and management of natural resources, Local ecological knowledge, Rural entrepreneurship and diversification of activities

Type: Narrative story

Date of writing: May 28, 2012

Author(s) of this page: Marina Guedon

Organization(s): CIVITAS Foundation for Civil Society


Istvan Mar, who was president of the food producers and processors association (Association Szekelygyumolcs) in Odorhei Secuiesc - Romania - explains how local ecological knowledge on wild fruit trees has been valorized. The association created a collective fruit processing unit in order to give added- value to fruits products and ensure farmers commitment in the maintenance of fruit biodiversity.



Scale of intervention : Local

Keywords: Farmers Ecological Knowledge, local food processing, collective approach, conservation and management of natural resources, collective processing plant, higher added-value products

Places: Romania

Actors: producer’s association

Methods: knowledge collection, community-led initiative