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Networking event - Realising our potential- 14 June 2022

Dialogue webinars: some insights of the exchanges in this infograph

"Realising our Potential - What becomes possible when we learn from each other?

An opportunity to share approaches to host dialogue processes that help local communities and territories face current challenges.

After the webinar “ Deepening Civic Dialogue“ and the Conversationnal Webinar
"What is the potential for new dialogue approaches to help local communities face current challenges? ", we organised this 3rd virtual meeting on June 14th, 2022.

This networking event was an invitation for practitioners, local activists, climate coaches, community catalysts, territorial mediators, local leaders and people trying to implement dialogue processes in their community and territory to meet and exchange with colleagues from across Europe, to share practices and receive inputs, and to go deeper with other practitioners and contribute to our collective learning.

The event included both the sharing of stories from experienced dialogue professionals and the opportunity for everyone to share their own stories in small groups.

The elements available are:
📚 - some findings we captured during the exchange – we identified together the challenges that keep recurring in our different stories (across different settings) and discussed how we could best develop our practice in response to those challenges. This is an experimental and unfinished work but it may inspire you anyway
🎧 - the experimental on-line fishbowl session ; to learn more about the method, have a look to "How to do a fishbowl activity in the virtual space? - Barbara Covarrubias Venegas (barbaracv.com) ; thanks this, we practised our “culture of dialogue” altogether, testing a dynamic that allowed us to listen to others and learn more from people who share similar interests and concerns but may have a different experience and perspective.

It was organised by Forum Synergies, in partnership with Cultivate: The Sustainable Ireland Cooperative, Community Climate Coaches, Change Exploratory, Ireland, Resilience Earth, Spain and Geyser/Ecole de dialogue territorial, France.