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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Webinar "Insights & views from the Mediterranean", Feb 2021


After 3 workshops held in UK, SRB in 2016 and EEin 2018, a 4th "Sustainable Forest Management" workshop was to take place in a Mediterranean country in order to complete the vision on the situation of forests in different parts of Europe.
The COVID pandemic forced us to change our plans. We therefore organised a series of 6 interviews with actors from different countries (ES, PT, HR, GR) in order to get an overview of the challenges and approaches to forestry issues. One of the results of this series of interviews was the awareness of the need for exchange between actors - practitioners, scientists and politicians.
In this webinar the floor will be given to our interview partners and other actors in the field of sustainable forestry.
The webinar will be held as a zoom meeting.



Insights & views from the Meditarranean
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