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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

► From action to knowledge: market gardeners have their say!

Rural topic(s): Local ecological knowledge

Type: Innovative experience

Date of writing: June 29, 2022

Organization(s): GEYSER (Groupe d’études et de services pour l’économie des ressources)


Market gardeners, whether they are newly installed or long-time practitioners, have things to say about their practices and knowledge to share!

This knowledge is constantly being built up and evolves as the market gardener gains experience. It is also nourished by meetings with peers, reading, training sessions, etc.

Their values and worldviews also have a impact on their choices (and therefore their actions).

Highlighting this knowledge by giving a voice to market gardeners is the aim of the work of the SEMBio collective, launched in 2017, which brought together a team with diverse skills (such as video), including several members of GEYSER.


See the whole experience in the French version anglaise ► Du geste au savoir : les maraîchers ont la parole !, Projet SEMBio, France


Pour aller plus loin

Toutes les vidéos produites (environ une quarantaine) sont en libre accès sur la plateforme animée par l’ITAB :


Website: wiki.itab-lab.fr/espacemaraichage/?ProjetsembioReseau



Scale of intervention : Regional

Keywords: traditional knowledge, Farmers Ecological Knowledge, video film, water management, conservation and management of natural resources, market gardening, knowledge transmission, weed management

Places: France

Actors: farmer, research institute/center

Methods: exchange of good practices, experience exchange