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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Civic Dialogue

Democracy is at the heart of sustainable rural development

"Civic Dialogue" is a new concept of how to approach the broad topic of democracy. Our intention is to deal with the topic of dialogue between different stakeholders when it aims at:

  • influencing policies which have a strong impact on territories with regard to agriculture, food, environment and social cohesion
  • contributing to the solution of local or regional issues of sustainable rural development

Topics we will tackle: Our frame is Europe in general, our focus will be mainly rural and ideally persons/groups who have experience in leading or analysing civic dialogue. We will concentrate our work on the following topics:

  • democracy within societies, states, the EU (dialogue between citizens and authorities to build or influence public policies)
  • civic engagement (cooperation between actors to build local projects ; territorial dialogue)
  • dialogue and relationship building (environ-mental mediation; conflicts resolution in rural spaces)

ICON _ PDF Read our Action sheet for more information.


ICON _ PDF Read our Ten examples of processes and practices in Europe : "When citizens, stakeholders and decision makers work together"

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