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Forum Synergie

Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Forum Synergies

Rural topic(s): Civic engagement, local governance and dialogue

City: Bruxelles

Country: Belgium

Web site: http://www.forum-synergies.eu

Forum Synergies is a non-profit association of engaged citizens, organisations and active practitioners engaged in sustainable rural development. We work together for a living countryside.

Our network supports people and organisations who are engaging for a more sustainable, more democratic and creative rural [life(www.forum-synergies.eu) www.forum-synergies.eu].

Scale of intervention : European

Keywords: civil society dialogue, sustainable woodland, medicinal and aromatic plants, rural youth, Farmers Ecological Knowledge, Forum Synergies

Places: Europe

Actors: association, network for the exchange of experience

Methods: information diffusion, networking, resources mobilization, advocacy, exchange of good practices