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Report from the 1st European Herb Gathering - project “Rural Actors for Health” (Austria)

4-7 October 2012

Rural topic(s): Herbs and health in rural areas

Type: report/synthesis

Date of publication: October 7, 2012

Author(s) of the document: Natur- & Kräuterwerkstatt Lesachtal, FS

Organization(s): Forum Synergies


Report from the 1st European Herb Gathering organised on October 4-7th, 2012, in Lesachtal Valley (Austria) in the framework of the project “Rural Actors for Health”, by Natur- & Kräuterwerkstatt Lesachtal, Forum Synergies and that washeld under the patronage of UNESCO National Committee for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

« Rural Actors for Health » aims to find best practices in terms of rural contributions to human health. The main focus is the investigation and promotion of local knowledge on medicinal and spice plants. We aim to explore possibilities for valorizing this knowledge as an option for engagement of rural actors.



Keywords: Forum Synergies

Places: Austria

Actors: producer’s association