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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Conference Report: Community Connected Farms for Tomorrow: New Ways of Land Access for Communities and Farmers

Stroud (UK) 21st -23rd September 2009

Rural topic(s): Access to land

Type: proceedings of a symposium

Date of publication: September 23, 2009

Organization(s): Forum Synergies, Terre de Liens


The documents presents the three-days discussions dedicated to:

  • exchanging information about national situations, practical approaches and “success stories” in order to understand them in a European context;

  • strengthening personal links between European ‘access to land’ activists and researchers, and to establish contacts to ethical banking institutions that are supporting community connected farming initiatives;

  • discussing the need for and agreeing on the next steps towards continuous practicalexchanges on a national and international level; placing ‘community connected farms’ on the European political agenda; formulating supportive joint research proposals; and organising a larger public conference for all those involved in community connected farming.

It was the first step of the CCF thematic workshop creation.



Keywords: land access, community supported agriculture - CSA, sustainable agriculture, land stewardship, Forum Synergies

Places: Europe, Netherlands, United-Kingdom, France, Belgium, Lithuania