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Forum Synergie

Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Report on European Rural Sustainable Gathering 2009: Sustainable Europe in Practice

organised by Forum Synergies in Wendland (DE)

Rural topic(s): Renewable energy and eco-housing, Conservation and management of natural resources

Type: report/synthesis

Date of publication: October 11, 2009

Organization(s): Forum Synergies


From 8-11-October 2009 FORUM SYNERGIES held its « European Rural Sustainability Gathering » in Göhrde hunting castle in Northern Germany. During 3 days about 70 participants from 16 European countries explored rural sustainability projects in the remarkable Wendland region, compared these experiences with their own regional issues in open space sessions and agreed on commitments and new projects.



Scale of intervention : Regional, National, European, Local

Keywords: renewable energy, photovoltaic energy, short food chain, Natura 2000, rural services, territorial attractivity, Forum Synergies

Places: Germany, Europe

Actors: multi-stakeholders