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[EXP] Viva sol Lithuania, an association of cheese eaters and producers that encourages the settlement of small farmers and artisans in rural Lithuania.

Rural topic(s): Local food Chains, Access to land

Type: Success story

Date of writing: July 1, 2011

Author(s) of this page: Audrius Jokubauskas

Organization(s): Association VIVA SOL


A National Association of cheese eaters and producers established to support the development of solidarity between urban and rural people, and to encourage the settlement of small farmers and artisans in rural Lithuania. Viva sol has started a farmers’market in Vilnius, a box scheme, environmental training and activities to support small-scale breeders. Faced with the issue of several farmers being unable to find affordable land, it is currently envisaging creating a Land Fund to raise investments or donations in order to buy agricultural land.


See the detailed story in the document attached.


Source: Case study (attached) - www.terredeliens.org/spip.php?article591



Scale of intervention : National

Keywords: local food systems, collective farmland ownership, consumer producers partnerships, rural-urban relationship, farm succession, box scheme, farmer’s market, ecosystem friendly methods, agroecology

Places: Lithuania

Actors: association, producer, consumer, citizen

Methods: training workshop, promotion of local economic activity, networking, raising awareness, meeting, seminar and conference organisation