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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

CIVAM network (Innovative Centres for the Valorisation of Farming and Rural areas)

Rural topic(s): Agroecology and agroforestry, Local food Chains, Development of rural territories, (Agri)-tourism and rural heritage

City: Paris

Country: France

Web site: http://www.civam.org

CIVAM network (Innovative Centres for the Valorisation of Farming and Rural areas) brings together 140 groups (about 13000 agricultural and rural stakeholders) on French territory. They promote a sustainable development for living and fair rural areas.

CIVAMs are groups of farmers and rural actors who, through information, exchange and collective dynamics, innovate in their territories. They develop initiatives and test new practices on topics such as: territory-based farming and food systems, sustainable agriculture (autonomous, cost and energy-saving production systems), reception of newcomers and exchanges in rural areas, creation and maintenance of rural activities.

Scale of intervention : National

Keywords: farm succession, territorial attractivity, territorial project, territorial dialogue, peasant farming, agroecology, attracting new residents, local food systems, short food chain, diversification of economic activities, collective approach, culture of experimentation, innovation, empowerment of rural communities

Places: France

Actors: association, network for the exchange of experience, farmer, animation and rural development organisation, rural population

Methods: participation research, research and training, training workshop, support to project, programme/project management, facilitation, popular education (adult and community education)