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European Farm Succession: tools and methods to promote a successful farm succession

Rural topic(s): Access to land

Type: methodology guide

Date of publication: October 1, 2016

Organization(s): InterAfocg (Associations for Collective Training on Management), CIVAM network (Innovative Centres for the Valorisation of Farming and Rural areas), Land & Co, NEL (Netzwerk Existenzgründung in der Landwirtschaft), Terre en vue


Though Farm Succession seems to have little to do with the daily lives of most of us, nothing is less true. Farm Succession is at the centre of our food sovereignty as it is key for farm continuity. Today we can no longer ignore the truth. The average age of our European farmers is 55 years and only 6% of the farmers are younger than 35 years. A key issue now is to facilitate the entry into farming of newcomers, who start a farm outside of intra-family farm succession.

Five European organisations - CIVAM, Interafocg, Terre-en-vue, NeL and Landgilde - decided to gather forces and centralise successful tools for facilitating farm succession: the farm succession toolkit.

It has been presented during The European Farm Succession Conference that took place on 7th and 8th of November 2016.




Link: http://www.farmsuccession.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Farm-Succesion-Brochure.pdf

Keywords: farm succession, young farmers set up

Places: Austria, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Europe

Actors: farm

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