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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

European Coordination VIA CAMPESINA

Rural topic(s): Advocacy on food and rural policies

City: Brussels

Country: Belgium

Web site: http://www.eurovia.org

European Coordination Via Campesina regroups the organisations formerly gathered in the European Farmers Coordination (CPE 1986-2008) and other farmers’ and agricultural workers’ organisations from Denmark, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, and Turkey. Its principal objective is to struggle for other food and agricultural policies in europe, based on more legitimacy, fairness, solidarity and sustainability. In order to meet the challenges linked to food security, food safety, public health, employment in rural areas and to tackle the global food crisis and climate change.

Scale of intervention : European, International

Keywords: peasant farming, small farm, CAP - Common Agricultural Policy, family farming, food souvereignty, agroecology, land access, land policy, lobbying, landgrabbing

Places: Europe

Actors: countrymen’s organization, trade union

Methods: campaigning