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Gut Wulksfelde

Rural topic(s): Access to land, Local food Chains

City: Hamburg

Country: Germany

Web site: http://www.gut-wulksfelde.de/

« Gut Wulksfelde » is a 250 hectare farm located at the outskirts of Hamburg city (2 million inhabitants). The land is owned by the city, the farm is run by several families and in total gives work to about 50 employees and free-lancers. The farm produces grain and vegetables and raises cattle, hogs, geese and chicken. Food processing (bakery), direct marketing (farm shop, box scheme) and farm-related services (school classes) produce many more jobs.

Scale of intervention : Local

Keywords: organic farming, local food processing, multifunctional Agriculture, land policy, direct selling, diversification of economic activities, collective approach, solidarity customers, Information / Education for sustainable development, farmer’s shop, community supported agriculture - CSA, consumer producers partnerships, job creation, box scheme, livestock farming

Places: Germany

Actors: rural estate

Methods: raising awareness, promotion of local economic activity, training/capacity-building

Success stories: