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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Thematic exchanges

From visits to discussions: a mutual enrichment for solutions   

The topics of our thematic workshops derive mainly from proposals of partners (local, regional initiatives and/ or actors). They are representative for the variety of different European rural areas, reflect a special shared concern but also the commitment expressed by local people to take common action.

In practice, one or a series of multi-national workshops is held in different regions in Europe dedicated to a special topic. Participants get inspired by field trips and will be encouraged to comment on the local situation from their point of view. This is the basis for a moderated exchange about experiences. 
The output of these workshops might inspire solutions for participants’ situation. They are also evaluated in order to draw political conclusions.
At present, several topics have been proposed by members. Some Thematic exchanges have already started and other will be (re-)launched soon:

Past thematic exchanges dealt with the following topics:

See our Topics of work section for more information.