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Intergenerational cooperation

Intergenerational cooperation in Forum Synergies
Handing over - since 2020 Katrina Idu, LV is our new president of Forum Synergies.
Together with Hannes Lorenzen, DE, co-founder of Forum Synergies, as vice-president board and team are focussing on intergenerational cooperation in our activities and projects as well as in our internal process of making Forum Synergies "fit for the future"

Intergenerational cooperation as a resource for rural Europe
Rural areas suffer from the loss and increasing ageing of the population. There is a need to maintain and attract young people to rural areas, to strengthen the intergenerational dialogue in order to create a fertile ground for new ideas and innovations. To recharge rural communities with youth visions, we need to take into account the current change in lifestyles closely related to climate, health and socio-economic crisis and promote the involvement of young people in local rural development. We also need to enable rural people of all generations to have access to digital tools and to make a conscious choice of these tools according to their specific needs.
Young people are also a bridge between rural and urban areas and important actors in the process of revising the territorial approach.

Testimonies of the motivations and visions of the youth
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