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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Future Farmers Movement

Rural topic(s): Access to land, Rural youth

City: Wageningen,

Country: Netherlands

Web site: http://www.futurefarmersmovement.eu

Future Farmers Movement is a volunteer driven European grassroots initiative: for future farmers by future farmers, to support future farmers in building an ecologically, economically and socially viable farming business by facilitating the exchange of inspiration and information.

Together with their partners they are developing & maintaining an interactive, inspirational and informative website and are organising real life activities like farmer-to-farmer visits and workshops.

The themes they are working on range from innovative ways to get access to land or finances, new forms of marketing and sales, education (where in Europe can you study or learn about sustainable agriculture?) and other practical farming matters that you will encounter when starting and managing a farm.

Scale of intervention : National, European

Keywords: peasant farming, farm succession, land access, sustainable agriculture

Places: Netherlands, Europe

Actors: group / platform, young person, farmer

Methods: field trip, information diffusion, exchange of good practices, experience exchange, training/capacity-building, workshop