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Logarska dolina / SOLČAVA DISTRICT

Rural topic(s): Conservation and management of natural resources


Country: Slovenia

Web site: http://www.logarska-dolina.si/

The Logar Valley (Logaska Dolina) is one of the most beautiful Alpine glacial valleys in Europe. It extends into the Kamnik-Savinja Alps from the north. A part of the Solčavsko region, tradition and nature have found harmony here, serving as a good example of sustainable development. As an added value to agriculture and forestry, tourism offers an opportunity for relaxation in the peaceful ambience of the landscape park as well as hiking, cycling, horseback riding, photo hunting, etc. The park has received a Future in the Alps Award from CIPRA for the successful management of a protected area.

The Logar Valley was declared a landscape park in 1987. It builds its image upon nature-friendly sustainable development and a quality tourist offer.

Scale of intervention : Regional

Keywords: ecotourism, sustainable tourism, protected area, peasant farming, landscape preservation, woodland management

Places: Slovenia

Actors: association, natural parc (national, regional, biosphere)

Methods: raising awareness