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  • Scholarship Programme 2023 * REGSITRATION IS OPEN travel * make experiences * build upon our network * create your rural future
    We offer young people the possibility to spend some relevant time in a place to make practical experiences of their choice in order to discover and learn from the experiences and practices of people & organisations dedicated to sustainable local & rural development. At the same time we are looking for people or organisations rich in experiences who are ready to host a trainee!
    Get involved and join our scholarship community - find more info here
  • "The Common Agricultural Policy is an aberration with regard to the climate and environmental impact of agriculture" Hannes Lorenzen, agriculture expert, president of ARC2020 is the author of this article published in the renowned magazine Le Monde.
    You can read the whole article - which is also referring to our book RURAL EUROPE TAKES ACTION - a collection of initiatives that show how change is possible - on the ARC2020 website link
  • Chestnut Virtual Tour - Albanian Alps Alliance, 11.12.2022, 2:00 PM CET "Albanian Alps Alliance’’ [one of our Scholarship host organisations], within the project "Digi-Guide: classic trails in modern communication", supported by the program fund "Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust - PONT’’, is pleased to invite you to its activity that will conduct virtually in the Reçi Chestnut Forest, entitled "Digi-Guide on World Mountain Day - Chestnut Virtual tour’’, on behalf of International Mountain Day. To participate and learn more follow reading here
  • "Ökologisch Wirtschaften!" reloaded. Instead of "closing the shop" - which was the most likely scenario the evening before the board meeting - the association "Ökologisch Wirtschaften" on the North Frisian island of Pellworm now has a young islander as chairman. Levin Petersen is ready to take over and take action!
    Read the whole article here
  • Ukrainian agriculture during the war: small farmers and households Our colleague Rostyslav Kos from Ukraine provided an article on the situation of agriculture for small farmers and households. Get an overview on the main sectors (grain, dairy, poultry and eggs, vegetables, fruits and berries directly below and read the full article here.
  • A tribute to Michael Dower "I’m gonna go now and get a cup of tea"... these were the last words Michael Dower shared with us in our virtual General Assembly of Forum Synergies on October 17th 2022. A few days later, on November 7th 2022, he sadly passed away.
    We want to share with you this tribute to an extraordinary rural networker and motivator to take action now, written by Hannes Lorenzen: go to article
  • Testimonies of the motivations and visions of the youth Forum Synergies supports young people to participate in the scholarship programme or in international events as e.g. lately in the European Rural Parliament in Septmeber 2022 in Kielce, PL - we gather here their testimonies of motivations and visions
  • Our latest news are available on our Newsletter N° 2/2022 - Summer 2022
  • THE EUROPEAN RURAL YOUTH PARLIAMENT IS GETTING A NEW SHAPE! Instead of being organized as a separate event it will take place in Kielce (Poland) in fusion with the European Rural Parliament gathering from 12th till 15th of September 2022 (link).
    This will be an occasion to create a dialogue between different generations and to give a voice to the young generation, to bring forward their vision for the future of rural Europe.
    Forum Synergies takes action to invite you to participate in the preparation process - to shape the planned Rural World Café by Youth and how bring forward outputs – AND is ready to contribute to travel costs to physically participate in Kielce for up to 5 participants.
    you’re interested - read more here
  • RURAL EUROPE TAKES ACTION! BOOK LAUNCH on June, 6th 2022, 16:00 - 18:00 at the European Parliament
    A hybrid event live from the European Parliament.
    Read more here