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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Calendar of Events

What’s happening in the European timetable of sustainability events?

Our calendar of events provides an overview of events, gatherings and activities related to sustainable development.

It is a service for interested individuals and European civil society groups committed to sustainability.

If you are interested in sharing your events in our calendar, please contact :
mguedon (a) forum-synergies.eu

Next events:

- 7 june_ Rural Connections Webinar #2 - Vision for the Future of Rural Areas

- 14 June_ 2nd Balkan Rural Parliament

- 18 June_ On-line public hearing: Towards a holistic strategy on sustainable and equitable rural and urban development

- 23 June_ How to integrate added value in local development strategies

- 28 June_ Soil is Life, is Food, is Future

- 4 July Alpine Changemaker Basecamp

- 18 Sept_ European Day of Sustainable Communities

- 19 Oct_ 7th MUFPP Global Forum 2021 - Growing Resilience: Sustainable Food to Tackle the Climate Emergency"

- 18 November_ 3rd Agroecology Europe Forum : Agroecology for regeneration of our food systems and communities

- 20 May_ Swedish Rural Parliament