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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Messages from the countryside in times of crisis

Messages from the countryside in times of crisis wants to give the voice to those who want to share insights and outlooks related to their special situatuion due to COVID-19.

"How can we connect? How can we foster a sense of solidarity and self-help between the rural residents and other rural stakeholders? Can we challenge rural distancing? How? If you have ideas, reflections or would like to share a personal experience on this situation in rural areas, write to us. Your experiences would help us understand the impact of this situation on rural areas.".

This call for coming into contact from Evelina Azizaj, coordinator of the Albanian Network for Rural Development (ANRD) expresses what the intention is: "Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe" even in times of crisis and social distancing. (Read the full article below)

Please feel free to contact us in case you want to share or can offer some answer to questions raised at info[a]forum-synergies.eu!

(Rural) social distancing,
by Evelina Azizaj, coordinator of the Albanian Network for Rural Development (ANRD), 29.03.2020

Accessibility to local food in North Macedonia during the crisis ,
by Liljana Tanevska, Forum Synergies Board member, 28.3.2020

A Whatsapp group to deliver shopping in Milverton, UK ,
by Gwil Wren, EuCAN, coordinator of the Forestry working group, 26.3.2020

Digital tools - a way to stay in touch when meeting is not allowed, the Latvian experience,
by Katrina Idu, Latvian Rural Forum, 25.3.2020