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“Women for Development” NGO

City: Gyumri

Country: Armenia

Web site: https://wfd.am/

“Women for Development” NGO (WFD NGO) is a women-led, grass root organization based in Gyumri, Armenia. It was founded in 1997 on the initiative of several young women full of energy and desire to improve not only their own future but also to bring positive changes into the society.

WFD’s current projects mainly focus on the following main issues: rural community development, women’s rights and peace education in schools of Armenia. They promote development of rural communities in Shirak region through encouraging people’s participation in the decision-making processes. Through non-formal education they aim to raise community’s capacities, independence and entrepreneurship of especially young women.

Scale of intervention : Regional, Local, National

Keywords: Education, rural youth, women, rural entrepreneurship, youth empowerment, participation by inhabitants, empowerment of rural communities

Places: Armenia

Actors: NGO

Methods: non formal learning

Success stories: