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BALKANIA (Balkan Association for Alternative Tourism)

Rural topic(s): (Agri)-tourism and rural heritage

City: Skopje

Country: Macedonia

Web site: http://www.balkania-association.com

BALKANIA is an association for Balkan Alternative tourism which consists of eight member countries from the Balkans and Italy. Its activities include realization of projects from the domain of tourism in order to promote the entire Balkan region as a tourist destination. In addition, its purpose is to restore the positive image of the Balkans in the public eye and promote its exceptional natural, historical, cultural and anthropological heritage. The efforts of the association are aimed at channeling its energy to all forms that are the alternative to mass tourism, and which are in terms of the development of macro sectors identified as natural tourism, rural tourism and cultural tourism.

Scale of intervention : European

Keywords: agritourism, ecotourism, sustainable tourism, rural heritage, cultural heritage, outdoor activities

Places: Balkans

Actors: association, NGO

Methods: programme/project management, training/capacity-building