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Cooperativa Agricoltura Nuova

Rural topic(s): Access to land, Local food Chains

City: Roma

Country: Italy

Web site: http://www.agricolturanuova.it

Cooperativa Agicoltora Nuova is an environmentally friendly, civically responsible and multifuntionnal farm cooperative, located in Rome peri-urban area.It was created in 1977 as a defence from urban expansion on this land. Its mains activities are:

  • Mixed-farming (culture and livestock), direct sales (shop and restaurant), food process (cheese, honey), organic and biodynamic production

  • Renewable energy (photovoltaic, wind) and compost from Roma gardens waste

  • Educational training for schoolchildren

  • Integration of marginalized people through agricultural activities

  • Promotion of family organic plot gardens on the farm

Scale of intervention : Local

Keywords: local food processing, direct selling, land access, multifunctional Agriculture, organic farming, short food chain, consumer producers partnerships, biodynamic farming, Information / Education for sustainable development, local farming, farmer’s shop, rural-urban relationship, social inclusion, renewable energy, livestock farming, gardening

Places: Italy

Actors: cooperative, farm

Methods: voluntary work, raising awareness, job creation

Success stories: