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[EXP] Enhancement of a rural mountainous area heritage by Paysalp association.

Promotion of a development based on territory identity and soft tourism.

Rural topic(s): (Agri)-tourism and rural heritage

Type: Success story

Date of writing: June 10, 2010

Author(s) of this page: MG

Organization(s): PAYSALP


For more than thirty years, Paysalp association leads actions to preserve and promote valley of Giffre local heritage. Through animations, visits, exhibitions, the ecomuseum helps discovering the material and immaterial heritage of this rural territory of medium-altitude mountain in the Alps of Haute-Savoie. This offer of soft tourism for the visitors is completed by the coordination of local development heritage actions, which involve volunteers and local population.


See the French version for a more detailed presentation[EXP] La valorisation du patrimoine d’un territoire rural dans une zone de moyenne montagne par l’association Paysalp.


Scale of intervention : Local

Keywords: cultural heritage, mountain, sustainable tourism

Places: France

Actors: association

Methods: facilitation, training/capacity-building, support to project