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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Mapping of experiences related to Access to land for Community-Connected Farming

Rural topic(s): Access to land

Type: database/table

Author(s) of the document: Terre de Liens


In the frame of the thematic exchange « New Ways of Access to Land for Community Connected Farming », the European working group on Access to land has conducted an initial mapping of experiences accross Europe, which are described and located on the following map:

They have looked both at regional movements and at specific farms who are conducting locally-oriented sustainable agriculture, involving the community in different ways (land ownership, farm management, marketing, on-farm social and cultural activities, etc.).

Afficher Access to land for Community-Connected Farming sur une carte plus grande

If you cannot sse the map, click on this link: goo.gl/maps/iQ8Jp


Keywords: land access, community land trust, sustainable agriculture, collective farmland ownership, multifunctional Agriculture

Places: Europe

Actors: association, community organization