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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

LVF (Lake Võrtsjärv Foundation)

Rural topic(s): Sustainable development in wetlands, Conservation and management of natural resources, Development of rural territories

City: Rannu, Tartu County

Country: Estonia

Web site: http://www.vortsjarv.ee

Lake Võrtsjärv Foundation’s main goals are to raise the environmental awareness of the public, to develop unified views on the balanced development of the Lake Võrtsjärv region, to preserve and protect Lake Võrtsjärv as a sensitive body of water, and to promote the image of Lake Võrtsjärv as a rapidly developing recreational region both in Estonia and beyond. All this cooperating with all organizations, companies and individuals influencing the development of the Lake Võrtsjärv region. Lake Võrtsjärv Foundation is also involved at International level in the"Living Lakes” network.

Scale of intervention : Local, International

Keywords: wetlands, biodiversity conservation, Information / Education for sustainable development, crafts, local food processing, local products, lake

Places: Estonia

Actors: animation and rural development organisation

Success stories: