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Foundation for the Quality of Life (Életminőségért Alapítvány - Erdély)

Rural topic(s): Herbs and health in rural areas

City: harghita

Country: Romania

Web site: https://eletminosegert.ro/

The founders start from the assumption that human expertise is the most important factor for an individual’s quality of life and the development of civil society. It helps individuals, organizations, institutions, regions and countries excel through their innovative projects aimed at quality of life. The activities of the foundation are of a scientific, educational, humanitarian, cultural and charitable nature. These are carried out in the fields of civic education, employment and vocational training, the protection of human rights and the environment.

Scale of intervention : Regional

Keywords: medicinal and aromatic plants, job creation, empowerment of rural communities

Places: Romania

Actors: fundation

Methods: training workshop, field trip, experience exchange, exchange of good practices, support to project

Success stories: