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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

AFAF (French Agroforestry Association)

Rural topic(s): Agroecology and agroforestry

City: AUCH

Country: France

Web site: http://www.agroforesterie.fr

Since 2010, the French Association for agroforestry has been working on the development of agroforestry in France, on the agricultural, political and consumer levels. The association is a platform for exchange and partnership between farmers, foresters, researchers, decision-makers, local authorithies, administrations …

It works to give trees their place within agricultural systems on the national and international level.

This work is done through:

  • communication, support and advice

  • monitoring and advocacy for a better consideration of the tree in political and regulatory patterns

  • participation in research projects

Scale of intervention : National, European

Keywords: agroforestry, agroecology, sustainable agriculture, water management, improving soil quality, ecosystem friendly methods, hedges

Places: France

Actors: association, farmer, hunters, forest owner, researcher/academic, elected representative, public administration, multi-stakeholders

Methods: recommendation, support to project, advocacy, raising awareness, participation research

Success stories: