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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Zukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft (Foundation for future farming)

Rural topic(s): Advocacy on food and rural policies

City: Bochum

Country: Germany

Web site: http://www.zukunftsstiftung-landwirtschaft.de/

Non-profit organisation which seeks to promote agriculture through numerous dedicated donors and innovative and pioneering initiatives that contribute to the dissemination and development of organic agriculture. ZSL has an emphasis on supporting ecological seed breeders but in recent years has also helped in several cases to acquire land and buildings by non-profit partner organisations.

Key activities:

*save our seeds campaign

*breeding research

*ecological farming

Scale of intervention : National

Keywords: sustainable agriculture, organic farming, seeds saving

Places: Germany, Europe

Actors: fundation

Methods: campaigning, programme/project management, grant, raising awareness, ouvrage

Success stories: