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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe


Rural topic(s): Agroecology and agroforestry

City: Darmstadt

Country: Germany

Web site: http://www.demeter.net/

As an entrepreneurial network the Demeter movement promotes the development of Biodynamic agriculture to secure livelihoods on this earth and to strengthen people in their positive interaction. In cooperation producers, processors, traders and consumers contribute as a partnership to the form and structure of the market.

This association strives to keep the people and their needs in mind and at the same time give consideration to environmental, economic and social responsibility in equal measure.

Demeter is the brand name for products from Biodynamic farming.

Scale of intervention : European

Keywords: biodynamic farming, food production, certification body

Places: Germany

Actors: association

Methods: training/capacity-building, research, recommendation, information diffusion