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THOR Zentrum for Health Care and Traditional Western Methods

Rural topic(s): Herbs and health in rural areas

City: Graz

Country: Austria

Web site: http://www.thor-zentrum.at

Since 2006, Thor Zentrum organises education and training activities in the health sector with particular reference to European traditional medicinal knowledge through congresses (Lost Knowledge), lectures, courses, workshops, technical articles in the media, interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration with organisations and individuals, traditional products.

The most important goal of the association is to provide education, so that people can take more responsibility in the sense of active health care.

The focus is on a holistic understanding of health, incorporating the traditional knowledge of ancestors.

Scale of intervention : National

Keywords: traditional knowledge, Health and well-being, medicinal and aromatic plants

Places: Austria

Actors: association

Methods: ouvrage, meeting, seminar and conference organisation, training workshop, training/capacity-building