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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Alternative community  « Peliti »

Rural topic(s): Agroecology and agroforestry, Conservation and management of natural resources, Advocacy on food and rural policies

City: Paranesti

Country: Greece

Web site: http://www.peliti.gr

Non -profit organisation aiming at the collection, preservation and dissemination of local agricultural product varieties (seeds), the exchange of goods and services without the intervention of money, creating an alternative community by focusing on the preservation of local varieties.

It has 20 local teams in different regions of Greece and one in Bulgaria.

Scale of intervention : National, Local, International

Keywords: Biodiversity, organic farming, Farmers Ecological Knowledge, biodiversity conservation, seeds saving, safeguard of knowledge, Commons, GMOs / Genetically Modified Organisms

Places: Greece

Actors: association, farmer

Methods: voluntary work, community-led initiative, knowledge collection, exchange of good practices, networking

Success stories: