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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Toi l’arbre, a foundation to enhance the well-being of trees and landscapes in France.

Rural topic(s): Sustainable forestry

Type: Narrative story

Date of writing: June 3, 2016

Author(s) of this page: Catherine Marquot


« Toi l’arbre » foundation supports initiatives of general interest about protecting existing trees or creating new plantations (protecting remarkable very old trees, developing agro-forestry and sustainable forestry).



Most initiatives supported are initiated by associations. They are small-scale and very concrete, practical, rooted in the local reality. The aim is to communicate about them, hoping they will spread throughout France and Europe.


Challenges: discover initiatives which will not be supported by existing financial channels and are worth developing.

Next steps: go on supporting initiatives till the financial provision of the Foundation is spent (probably 2017 or 2018), since it is not renewable (it was created after an inheritance).


Information gathered at: the 1st workshop on Sustainable Forest Management (17-20 March 2016)


Contact: Catherine Marquot

E-mail: cathmarquot999(a)free.fr



Scale of intervention : National

Keywords: remarkable tree, agroforestry, sustainable woodland, woodland creation

Places: France

Actors: private sector, NGO, fundation

Methods: resources mobilization, grant