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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Report - preparatory meeting of Forum Synergies Sustainable Forestry group - 13 January 2012, St. Michel l’Observatoire, France

Rural topic(s): Sustainable forestry

Type: report/synthesis

Date of publication: January 13, 2012

Author(s) of the document: Anne Berthet


This preparatory meeting was held in St. Michel l’Observatoire, southern France during the Forum

Synergy « life shop » in January 2012.

The goal of this meeting was to clarify the scope and priorities of exchange activities, financing,

and a schedule for the workshops to be organized about sustainable forestry in Europe.

During the afternoon, the person in charge of writing the forest charter of the Luberon regional natural

park presented an overview of forest management in the forest and the main strategies



Scale of intervention : European

Keywords: ecosystem services, sustainable woodland, Community Led Local Development (CLLD)

Places: Europe, Germany, Sweden, France, United-Kingdom

Actors: civil society, forest owner

Methods: experience exchange