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European Handook on Community Supported Agriculture

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Rural topic(s): Access to land

Type: capitalization document

Date of publication: June 1, 2013

Author(s) of the document: Urgenci

Organization(s): URGENCI (Urban - Rural Network: Generating new forms of Exchange between CItizens)


The European Handbook on Community Supported Agriculture has been published as part of the Community Supported Agriculture for Europe project coordinated by Urgenci and conducted 2011-2013 with the following organisations: ATTAC, Austria; CEPTA, Slovakia; DIO, Greece; Gute Erde Kattendorf, Germany; PRO-BIO LIGA, Czech Republic; Soil Association, United Kingdom; TVE, Hungary.

It seeks to describe the essential aspects of what CSA has been found to mean within the partnership and and offers some basic tips on how to get started with it. This document is aimed at people who are aware of the problems of the contemporary food system and are willing to tackle it with an active, community and solidarity-based approach represented by the three letters C S A.



Link: http://www.urgenci.net/uploads/CSA4EUrope_Handbook.pdf

Scale of intervention : Local, European

Keywords: community supported agriculture - CSA, local partnership, short food chain, local food systems

Places: Europe

Actors: CSA (Community Supported agriculture), network, platform, forum