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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

CEEweb for Biodiversity

Rural topic(s): Conservation and management of natural resources, Advocacy on food and rural policies

City: Budapest

Country: Hungary

Web site: http://www.ceeweb.org

The mission of CEEweb for Biodiversity is the conservation of biodiversity in Central and Eastern Europe through the promotion of sustainable development. CEEweb works through advocacy, influencing decision making, common projects, capacity building, networking and awareness raising.

Scale of intervention : European

Keywords: biodiversity conservation, CAP - Common Agricultural Policy, sustainable tourism, protection of the environment, Natura 2000, conservation and management of natural resources, Information / Education for sustainable development

Places: Europe, Central and Eastern Europe

Actors: network, platform, forum

Methods: raising awareness, advocacy, campaigning, training/capacity-building, information diffusion, consulting/expertise