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SYTY (Village Action Association of Finland)

Rural topic(s): Development of rural territories


Country: Finland

Web site: http://www.kylatoiminta.fi

The Village Action Association of Finland (in Finnish: Suomen Kylätoiminta ry or SYTY) promotes and develops village action and locally initiated rural development on the national level. The Village Action Association of Finland is an umbrella organisation for regional actors in rural development. Residents’ Associations, village coalitions, LAGs and national central organisations are members of the Village Action Association. In 2013, theAssociation had 131 member organisations.

Scale of intervention : National

Keywords: empowerment of rural communities, integrated rural development, Community Led Local Development (CLLD), Leader approach

Places: Finland

Actors: association, network, platform, forum

Methods: networking, partnership, training/capacity-building, programme/project management