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LEADER-forum Österreich

Rural topic(s): Development of rural territories

City: Hochfilzen

Country: Austria

Web site: http://www.leaderforum.at

What is LEADER forum?

  • an independent and voluntary association of LEADER action groups (LAG) in Austria.

  • the chairwoman / chairman and their management represents the LAG in the LEADER forum

  • creates the possibility for official and consistent representation of the LEADER regions in committees, hearings and working groups at national and international level.

  • a committee, at implementation level, for agendas around the LEADER approach in Austria.

  • committed to the development and strengthening of LEADER and its participatory bottom-up approach

  • provides a stable structure which enables seamless communication at EU and national level in both directions (from the LAG to administrative institutions and from the administration level to the LAGs).

  • strengthens cooperation between the regions and cooperation with parent networks.

  • provides a voice for the LEADER action groups in the creation of work packages or new programme planning documents.

Scale of intervention : National

Keywords: rural policy, integrated rural development, territorial project, public-private partnership, Leader approach, Community Led Local Development (CLLD)

Places: Austria

Actors: network for the exchange of experience, network, platform, forum, association

Methods: networking, facilitation, information diffusion, debate, experience exchange