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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

BBF (Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation)

Rural topic(s): Sustainable development in wetlands, Conservation and management of natural resources

City: Bourgas

Country: Bulgaria

Web site: http://www.bbf.biodiversity.bg

BBF works to conserve the biodiversity in Bulgaria and neighbouring countries and assists other organizations and institutions involved, supports the participation of citizens and local communities in managing natural resources and protected areas and raises public awareness on the issues of biodiversity.

BBF is a successor of the Bulgarian-Swiss Biodiversity Conservation Programme, implemented in the period 1994-2004. Under the program a number of direct conservation activities were implemented and 13 Management Plans for Protected Areas (PA) were prepared. Individually and in partnerships with others BBF developed 12 Action Plans for species from the IUCN Red List, prepared the documentation for declaring /proclamation of three Nature Parks, 11 protected areas and three new Ramsar sites and assists the establishment of 6 information and nature conservation centers. The Small Projects Fund supports activities of more than 50 environmental organizations. Institutional strengthening was provided for several national NGOs, the National Nature Protection Service and three Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Water.

BBF operates in five main areas:

  • Protected areas and species

  • Green Belt and Natura 2000

  • Educational and PR activities

  • Sustainable tourism

  • Campaigns and coalitions

Scale of intervention : Local, Regional, National, European

Keywords: conservation and management of natural resources, local partnership, sustainable tourism, Natura 2000, protected area, wetlands, biodiversity conservation

Places: Bulgaria

Actors: association

Methods: voluntary work, monitoring, programme/project management, raising awareness, campaigning

Success stories: