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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe

Rural Dialogues

Rural topic(s): Advocacy on food and rural policies

Type: briefing note

Date of publication: February 1, 2020

Organization(s): ARC 2020 (Agricultural and Rural Convention 2020)


What is the state of play for rural Europe? Are rural places still lagging behind – forgotten, disadvantaged and in need of extra supports? Or is there a rural renaissance of sorts occurring, from smart villages to innovation hubs?

The brochure compiles a series of articles dealing with different topics from digitalisation to agroecology, ruralisation to culture and migration in different European countries.



Link: http://www.arc2020.eu/tag/rural-dialogues/

Scale of intervention : European, Local, Regional, National

Keywords: rural depopulation, agroecology, CAP - Common Agricultural Policy, social and solidarity economy, transition, climate change, rural policy

Places: Europe