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EU food hygiene Regulations and ‘slow’ cheese production - principle and practice

ESSEDRA workshop - 22 sept 2013

Rural topic(s): Local food Chains

Type: proceedings of a symposium

Date of publication: September 22, 2013

Author(s) of the document: ESSEDRA


The dangers facing the Balkans and Turkey cheeses are based the actual experience of existing EU Member States, some of which have implemented the food hygiene rules in such an inflexible and inappropriate way, thereby managing to decimate significant elements of their traditional food production!

This workshop was organised in the framework of the ESSEDRA project in order to learn from mistakes, as well as from some good examples of how to implement the same rules (as in France and Italy). The event was able to hear directly from the European Commission that flexibility is contained in the legislation itself. There were also talks from a range of different actors from a variety of Member States – farmers, trainers, veterinary administrators etc…



Link: http://see.efncp.org/networking/events/2013/20131002/

Places: Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, Balkans