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Scoping study - Delivering on EU food safety and nutrition in 2050 - Scenarios of future change and policy responses (Food chain)– DG SANCO

Rural topic(s): Local food Chains

Type: report/synthesis

Author(s) of the document: Food Chain Evaluation Consortium


The objective of the study, commissionned by DG SANCO was to identify the critical challenges to the EU food safety and nutrition framework, their future evolution up to 2050, their impacts on its current structure and the potential critical changes to the current framework necessary to maintain the prevailing high standards.

The document describes the key drivers of food safety and nutrition identified, presents the scenarios which were developed on the basis of an innovative and participative approach, summarises the results of the stakeholder consultation, draws conclusions on how high levels of food safety and nutrition can be safeguarded in the future,

and finally indicates related research needs.



Places: Europe