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Savoie County Council of Territorial Dialogue,

a coordinated initiative to promote dialogue, to manage or prevent land use conflicts

Dossier(s) : Civic dialogue, Civic engagement, local governance and dialogue

Type : Mises en pratique de politiques au niveau régional ou national

Date de rédaction: May 1, 2009

Contexte :

In rural areas, the joint management of space and resources requires to strengthen the dialogue between local actors. Land use conflicts, which often oppose farmers, hunters, environmentalists, communities, businesses and local governments, also require better coordination. Specific and localized initiatives are raised to promote dialogue, to manage or prevent land use conflicts but coordinated policies on the local institutions level are rare. With the creation of the Departmental Council of Territorial Dialogue, several organisations of Savoie county (France) decided to work together to encourage efforts for dialogue and mediation.

See the full text in French for a more detailed presentation Conseil départemental de dialogue territorial de la Savoie

Informations :

Niveau d’intervention : Regional

Mots-clés : Governance, concertation, territorial dialogue, preventive mediation, conflict management, rural services, local partnership, participatory approach

Lieux : France