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  • Our Newsletter 1/19 is on-line!
  • SCHOLARSHIP Programme 2019: find your host -... SCHOLARSHIP Programme 2019: find your host - visit our Portfolio of HOSTS here.
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  • Scholarship get in touch with a TRAINEE! SCHOLARSHIP Programme 2019: to get in touch with a trainee visit our Portfolio of TRAINEES here.
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  • REPORT of the 2nd European Herb Gathering available now! The 2nd European Herb Gathering took place from 26-28 April 2018 in Lupeni, RO. Main topics were: 1/ Herbal projects and their contribution to sustainable rural development;
    2/ Traditional knowledge about aromatic and medicinal healing as common goods;
    3/ The legal framework on EU/ national level and its implications on activities for rural actors for health. For more detailed information get our REPORT here
  • Live Europe! A Plea for More Encounter and Movement in Europe Hannes Lorenzen published this article on Kritischer Agrarbericht 2019. A long read on Europe history, which doesn’t hide its weaknesses but remains however hopeful, highlighting that "the EU will only remain a project for peace and cohesion if people get involved in concrete joint projects in Europe."
    Europe is much history and much projection. The story is forgotten while the projections increase. It is obvious that ambitions to strengthen cohesion in Europe have gone out of fashion. Europe sometimes seems like a bunch of foreign nation states and a swarm of hopes and disappointments of their citizens. Follow reading
  • Report of the 3rd Sustainable Forestry Workshop available! Thanks to Liis Kuresoo (Elfond) and Gwil Wren (EuCAN) for compiling the findings of this workshop organised in Alutaguse, Estonia in October 2018. Among others, you will find information on the Forest situation in Estonia, participants feedback on the initiatives visited as regards sustainability, and last but not least, a presentation what is the European Forest Policy and how it could be improved. http://forum-synergies.eu/article542.html
  • Launching a new Scholarship Programme. * REGISTRATION CLOSED * In cooperation with the Latvian Rural Forum, Forum Synergies is offering an exchange programme for young people who want to experience sustainable rural development.
    You want to host a trainee? - Get in touch! You’re looking for a host? - Get in touch!
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  • We participated in a meeting on Farmers Ecological Knowledge from 4 to 6 October 2018. It was organised by GEYSER association and 6 regional natural parks in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (Sud) region in France with partners from Spain, Romania and Tunisia. This was an opportunity to discover the local territories experiences (on water management, promotion of old fruit varieties, agro-ecological practices etc), to promote exchanges between participants in order to enrich their practices but also to study the possibilities of co-operation on FEK between the participant countries. A future cooperation is on study.