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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe


  • The organisers of the 3rd Sustainable Forestry Workshop in Estonia, Liis Kuresoo (ELF), Gwil Wren (EuCAN) and Simone Matouch (Forum Synergies) thank all participants for the amazing days. During 2 days, we shared realities and vision of sustainable forestry management in Estonia and 9 other participating countries. Ideas for the 4th workshop are already in the air!
  • We participated in a meeting on Farmers Ecological Knowledge from 4 to 6 October 2018. It was organised by GEYSER association and 6 regional natural parks in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (Sud) region in France with partners from Spain, Romania and Tunisia. This was an opportunity to discover the local territories experiences (on water management, promotion of old fruit varieties, agro-ecological practices etc), to promote exchanges between participants in order to enrich their practices but also to study the possibilities of co-operation on FEK between the participant countries. A future cooperation is on study.
  • "Roade și merinde" (Fruit and vegetables”) is the brand promoted by the local food hub in Iasi and the North-East region in Romania. Promoted by the Center for Mediation and Community Security, its mission is to stimulate the community around and to build a sustainable and fair regional food system, through a locally sourced on-line platform that connects farmers and their products to consumers. As a social enterprise, it should contribute to viable development for 100 small farmers in the region, having alongside the classic role of aggregating production « Farm-to-consumer ».
    Laura Albu presented this initiative during the past ERP2017.
    You can find the presentation on our website
  • CALL FOR ACTION for "Good food good farming" on. 27/28 Oct. 2018. This autumn, join thousands of others across Europe and unleash your imagination – organise a demonstration, a protest picnic or any other creative way of showing the food and farming future we want and need.
    See the call in different languages on the website
  • Sandor Koles was one of the initiators of village caretaker in the late 80s in Hungary and helped to nurture this network until it had become an official program of the Ministry of Social Affairs, in the 2000s.
    He is no more working with the network but shared this experience aiming at alleviating rural isolation and supporting socal link in our past Market of Initiatives during ERP2017.
    You can find the presentation on our website
  • Herb Gathering:"grey zones", local economy and traditional knowledge. More than 30 people from 12 countries participated in the Herb Gathering, organised in Harghita county (RO) on April 26-29th. The visits to commercial initiatives, social farming or social inclusion projects linked to aromatic, cosmetic and medicinal plants were an opportunity to identify their positive environmental and social aspects for rural development but also where there was space for improvement. Participants also raised issues related to legal framework, its constraints and “grey zones” for small producers, as well as topics of markets, consumers’ awareness or traditional knowledge. Commitments and proposals for the future will be presented in the report. Enjoy some photos of the gathering.