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  • Our Newsletter 2/2018 is on-line: : forestry workshop programme, Youth scholarships, journey book and other partners news are available!
  • Sandor Koles was one of the initiators of village caretaker in the late 80s in Hungary and helped to nurture this network until it had become an official program of the Ministry of Social Affairs, in the 2000s.
    He is no more working with the network but shared this experience aiming at alleviating rural isolation and supporting socal link in our past Market of Initiatives during ERP2017.
    You can find the presentation on our website
  • Herb Gathering:"grey zones", local economy and traditional knowledge. More than 30 people from 12 countries participated in the Herb Gathering, organised in Harghita county (RO) on April 26-29th. The visits to commercial initiatives, social farming or social inclusion projects linked to aromatic, cosmetic and medicinal plants were an opportunity to identify their positive environmental and social aspects for rural development but also where there was space for improvement. Participants also raised issues related to legal framework, its constraints and “grey zones” for small producers, as well as topics of markets, consumers’ awareness or traditional knowledge. Commitments and proposals for the future will be presented in the report. Enjoy some photos of the gathering.
  • “Creative Entrepreneurship Network” fosters young people creativity in a cross-border region between Bulgaria and Republic of Macedonia. It was presented by Rositsa Dzhanbazova during the Market of Initiative in the past ERP2017. You will find a detailed presentation on our page
  • “Villages on move in Baltic countries” is a project promoted by LLF after assessing that physical inactivity is one of the leading risk factors for health, and people are more inactive especially in rural areas.
    Together with organisations from five countries they aim to activate people to give ideas and promote everyday physical activity. Collected ideas are developed by means of culture of experimentation. They visit village events and promote healthy lifestyle, but also take the opportunity to feel the community spirit and strength through the activities.
    You can find "Villages on move in Baltic countries” presentation on our resource center.
  • HNV Link project in Bulgaria - “High Nature Value” farmland encompasses areas in Europe where agricultural activities support, or are associated with, exceptionally high biodiversity. These farmlands are also important for cultural heritage, quality products and rural employment and are priority sites in European agriculture conservation.
    Mariya Yunakova presented HNV Link project in Bulgaria in our past Market of Initiatives during ERP2017.
    HNV Link project is dedicated to developing and sharing innovations that support HNV farming systems and communities by simultaneously improving their socio-economic viability and environmental efficiency.
    You can find HNV-Link full presentation on our resource center
  • Read 4 key principles for sustainable forestry defined in our workshops which will serve as basis for further discussions during upcoming events and offer a guideline for final conclusions.
    Remember, our next forestry workshop will be held on 18 - 21st October 2018 in Estonia.
  • Sylvia Kay presents “Hands on the Land” for Food Sovereignty, a campaign focusing mainly on how we can treat our natural resources, not as commodities but as values for the rural communities that depend on them. She also shares what inspired her from the gathering i.e “rural sustainability that works in times of crisis” and “community spirit”.
    You can watch the video and discover Hands on the Land and TNL activities on our website: http://www.forum-synergies.eu/bdf_fiche-experience-153_en.html
  • Titus Bahner presents the story of Kulturland cooperative, how this small network of 7 community connected organic farms and members works, not only securing farmland but also creating new relationships and taking care of biodiversity. You can watch the video and discover Kulturland activities on our website: http://forum-synergies.eu/bdf_fiche-experience-160_en.html
  • Jenny Gkiougki explains what is Community Supported Agriculture , a kind of initiative linked to Food Sovereignty. She presented as a solution to the current crisis in this video realised during our past ERSG17.
    We also present Agroecopolis activities related to food and agroecology on our website