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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe


  • Webinar - from migrants to workers arranged by European Rural Parliament and Nordregio on August 30 will deal with the questions "How can newly migrants arrived migrants be included in local communities? What are the different roles of the local, regional and national actors in managing labour market integration?"
    More info on: http://europeanruralparliament.com/phocadownload/Webinar%2030%20August_From%20migrants%20to%20workers.pdf
  • Future of CAP : a synthesis on the outputs of 2 EU events (council and stakeholders meeting) that took place in June-July is available on ARC2020 : http://www.arc2020.eu/july-cap-briefing/
  • A snapshot on the ERSG17 field trips in Greece, on nine places we visited, in the agricultural, economic and social spheres. These showcased some of the rural development initiatives in the Karditsa region – and how they are connected via an ecosystem of collaboration. Read full article article by Oliver Moore.
  • Impressions on rural Greece and ERSG 2017: Oliver Moore from ARC2020 participated in the ERSG 2017 organised by Forum Synergies, Anka, Illiosporoi, Euracademy and Peliti: read his article to know more on the Greek reality we discovered, on the meeting activities and on the topics related to European and rural issues raised and discussed by the participants.
  • Watch "Developing Social Economy in Karditsa: A Socio-economic Ecosystem" to have an overview on the concept of this new ecosystem of cooperatives and social enterprises in Thessalie.
  • Transylvanian Herb Garden shows how the work related to the collection, processing and using herbs can contribute to sustainable rural development. Monika Pakot from Civitas Foundation shares the outputs of this initiative aiming at the "Social integration of disadvantaged people in rural areas through sustainable collection and processing of medicinal and aromatic plants". Read the experience
  • Rural Depopulation and Food Sovereignty highlighted in 10th Spanish Rural Forum for a living countryside. A few weeks ago, on March 3rd to 5th, Marina Guédon participated - as member of a consumer group and of Valencia Food Sovereignty Platform – in the X Forum for a living countryside 2017 (Foro por un mundo rural vivo 2017) held in La Venta de Contreras in Minglanilla, a small village in the heart of Spain, in Castilla region. Follow reading
  • Interview with Greek partners of the ERSG 2017 Vassileios Bellis and Yiorgos Psychas.
    Vassileios Bellis is General Director of the DEVELOPMENT AGENCY OF KARDITSA,in the region of Thessalia in Greece. He is one of the initiators of a movement of new social enterprises and cooperatives active in the region since many years, including local energy, cooperative banking, rural tourism and many other.
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    Yiorgos Psychas is member of a grassroot network in Greece called Iliosporoi (sunflower seed) working towards social, political and ecological transition in rural and urban areas of Greece. He is agronomist and master in landscape architecture, enjoys making ceramics, lives in Athens and soon on the island of Evia - and has engaged in the movement “access to land” on a European level.
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  • 2nd Forestry workshop - report is available now! held in Tara National Park (SRB), in November 2016. Report and summary of the topics raised and experiences exchanged about elements of sustainable forest management and drivers of unsustainable management available at (link)