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Linking sustainable practices throughout Europe


  • Our Newsletter 1/18 is on-line : herb gathering, forestry workshop, Eucan study trips and other partners news are available!
  • Sylvia Kay presents “Hands on the Land” for Food Sovereignty, a campaign focusing mainly on how we can treat our natural resources, not as commodities but as values for the rural communities that depend on them. She also shares what inspired her from the gathering i.e “rural sustainability that works in times of crisis” and “community spirit”.
    You can watch the video and discover Hands on the Land and TNL activities on our website: http://www.forum-synergies.eu/bdf_fiche-experience-153_en.html
  • Public consultation on rural development programmes 2007-2013. The Commission (DG AGRI) launched a public consultation on rural development programmes (Jan 22) to feed into ongoing preparatory work on the design of EU farm policy post-2020. The main objective of the survey is to obtain an overview from beneficiaries on the strengths & weaknesses of measures implemented under the CAP’s 2nd Pillar for the period 2007-2013. EU citizens, farm/business organisations, public authorities, stakeholders, NGOs & interested parties have until April 20, 2018 to submit their responses.
  • REGISTRATION OPEN NOW! 2nd European Herb Gathering, 26-29 April 2018, RO The online registration form and programme/ background information are available now. Registration will be open from now on until 06.04.2018!
  • Titus Bahner presents the story of Kulturland cooperative, how this small network of 7 community connected organic farms and members works, not only securing farmland but also creating new relationships and taking care of biodiversity. You can watch the video and discover Kulturland activities on our website: http://forum-synergies.eu/bdf_fiche-experience-160_en.html
  • Have you ever tried to walk on a cable? Or on a wooden beam trying to keep the balance? The other day there was a movie shown on French/German Television on a girl’s championship in Afghanistan called "dancing on the high wire". It was breathtaking how they managed. And how they were cheered by their parents!
    It seems these days we all need many cheers trying to keep the balance between so many challenging gravities in our lives. Not being drawn into depression about growing anti-democratic and unsustainable populism in Europe or about missing political will to bring Europe closer to its people. Not letting ourselves fall into individual draw backs or escapes from these challenges but to look for collective and inspiring answers we share.
    With your help we have moved on together in 2017. And we wish to keep our linking sustainable initiatives throughout Europe alive which are giving us hope and continue to grow as we have seen in Karditsa in Greece this year, and earlier in France, Ukraine, Moldova and many other places we have visited.
    2018 is the year of new common walks on the beam with Forum Synergies.
    We are looking forward dancing on the high wire with you again.
    Wishing you good health, happiness and enthusiasm to continue working with us!
    Your Forum Synergies board and team
  • Jenny Gkiougki explains what is Community Supported Agriculture , a kind of initiative linked to Food Sovereignty. She presented as a solution to the current crisis in this video realised during our past ERSG17.
    We also present Agroecopolis activities related to food and agroecology on our website
  • 3rd European Rural Parliament: call for a new European fund for community led local development. The ERP 2017 took place a few days ago (October 18th-22th) in Venhorst (The Netherlands). ERP2017 brought to a climax the activities from national and European partners as well as from work on key themes identified in ERP2015. One of the proposals that came out has been a call for a new European fund for community led local development. (see Venhorst declaration and ERP Manifesto)