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Solidarity Fund PL in Moldova

Dossier(s) : Développement des territoires ruraux

Ville : Chisinau

Pays : Moldavie

Sites : https://solidarityfund.md/

The organisation has started its activity in Republic of Moldova back in 2012, based on the Memorandum of Understanding, signed between Republic of Poland and Republic of Moldova. Its activity is synergy creation oriented, to support community development and functioning upon the principles of solidarity and subsidiarity.

The foundation creates durable local partnerships and develop systemic solutions with both rural and urban communities of Moldova.

It supports the processes of local development, by applying international instruments, sharing the acquired experiences and promoting the good practices.

Thanks to the LEADER approach, they step in the processes of local economy development, new jobs creation and areas rediscovery of the rural areas.

Niveau d’intervention : National

Mots-clés : philosophie Leader, développement rural intégré

Lieux : Moldavie

Acteurs : fondation, organisme public non ministériel, bailleur de fonds

Méthodes : formation, cofinancement